Baby Wool Cap

Baby Wool Cap  Cap is exceptionally great item.


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Baby Wool Cap

Baby Wool Cap  Cap is exceptionally great item.

Worried about the baby being sick by the cold wind?
All parents or expectant parents should prepare a warm hat for their baby, especially the cold weather is coming.

Our knit hats can available in the whole year,The thicker materials ensure it withstand the cold air in early spring, autumn or winter, and the hat is deep enough to protect the ears, keep your baby’s head and ears warm.

In summer, the hat prevents intense sunlight burning baby’s delicate skin, and also, baby’s immune function is weak and easy to infection, a protection of head is necessary in room with air conditioning. Besides, the hat can prevent dust when you carry you baby to outdoors. The hat is of good air permeability and wet absorption.

Our caps are weaved with tall quality cotton, can coordinate contact with skin, in expansion the cotton lining guarantee baby’s head more comfortable in it. The adaptable and stretchy fabric, fit well indeed child develops up.

The delicate cotton materials, child can wear it the full day. We have too done a part of work on the plan of caps, the extent of the distance across and depth of the cap is outlined to create beyond any doubt the child is cozy, and the straightforward fashion and design make it not visual weariness after long time, but too the charming cartoon design make it out of the conventional and attractively.

A wide assortment of tender colors for you to select, it isn’t simple to blur indeed after a few times of washing. It’s moreover a great blessing for infant shower.

Pertinent age: 1 -5 year,s for newborns, infant and little child.

Fast response in 24 hours once you have any question ,please feel free to contact with us in case you have any ask.


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