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Philips Avent Nipple 3m+

Philips Avent Natural Nipple.


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Philips Avent Nipple 3m+

Philips Avent Nipple 3 m+ classic nipple has been trusted by moms for 30 a long time, and proceeds to be the favored choice. Outlined for an agreeable and simple nourishing involvement, it is clinically demonstrated to decrease colic and inconvenience.

The one of a kind anti-colic valve on the nipple flexes to permit discuss into the bottle rather than into your child’s stomach. The plan of the nipple promotes a simple latch-on, along with your child controlling the pace of the drain streamlessening the hazard of over-feeding and anticipating overabundance gas-build up.

randomized clinical trial appeared The Philips Avent classic+ nipple (quick stream) is demonstrated to diminish objecting by roughly 28 minutes a day when compared to a comparable bottle. This was particularly genuine amid the night time, which is noteworthy because it is well known how crucial rest is to your baby’s well being and happiness.We prompt to utilize the classic+ nipple with classic+ child bottles only. * At two weeks of age babies nourished with a Philips Avent bottle appeared a slant to less colic than babies encouraged with a customary bottle. At two weeks of age babies bolstered with a Philips Avent bottle appeared a slant to less whining than babies nourished with another driving bottle.



The Philips Avent Infant Stream Nipple is an extra-soft silicone nipple with one gapperfect for infant babies. Philips Avent nipples make it simpler to nourish your child, whether totally by bottle or a combination of breast and bottle. The normally molded silicone nipple permits your infant to control drain stream because it would when breastfeeding.

This permits your infant to suckle nearly as at the breast. As your infant nourishes, the interesting skirt on the Avent nipple flexes to permit air into the bottle, instead of baby’s tummy, avoiding colic. The tender shrieking sound and observe the discuss bubbles burst on the surface of the drain. That’s your ensure that the discuss is being discharged into the bottle–not into your baby’s tummy.


Brand Philips: Model Name Avent Classic+ 2 Medium Stream Teats (nipple) 3m+

Flow Rate: Medium Flow
Minimum Age: 3 month Maximum Age 8 month
 B P A Free
Pack of: 2





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